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Dear Teenage Me Podcast

Mar 3, 2021

Today's guest is Phoebe Kuhn, a Communications & Content Specialist based in Bali, Indonesia.  

She has spent 7+ years in Digital & Marketing roles working on some of the biggest brands in the world.

Through years of experience in the Digital Marketing & Communications sector and an extensive background in Human Behaviour, Phoebe fuses her unique experience to masterfully produce memorable content that sparks conversations and elicits emotion, establishing an inextricable bond between brand and audience. 

In a former life, Phoebe worked at the world’s most award-winning Advertising Agency, BBDO (the one that the hit TV Show “Mad Men” is based on). She currently resides in Bali, swapping out fluorescent lights and late nights for ocean, sunshine and early mornings fuelled by bulletproof coffee and the occasional surf. 

She is here to empower individuals to ensure their talents & unique genius truly shine.