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Dear Teenage Me Podcast

Sep 25, 2020

Today's guest is Sally Hetherington the CEO of Human and Hope Association. 

After seeing the unintended consequences of voluntourism whilst she was volunteering in Cambodia from 2011-2017, she teamed up with Human and Hope Association (HHA), a nightly English school at the time, to develop it into a reputable community centre.

Sally learnt that for sustainable change to happen, locals needed to be leading organisations.

As a result of her empowering approach to development, she successfully made herself redundant, leaving HHA to be entirely run by local staff. Sally is now CEO of Human and Hope Australia that raises funds for Human and Hope Association to continue their poverty-alleviating programs.

Her manifesto, 'It's Not About Me' was published by Elephant House Press in 2019. Sally received an Order of Australia Medal at age 33.

In conversation with Sally, we discuss all the best advice for young people wanting to volunteer abroad, more ideas on how to be altruistic in life, plus thought-provoking ideas and tips for life in general!